Trade secret law passed - action required for enterprises
The Trade Secrets Act provides for far-reaching protection of valuable corporate information. The prerequisite, however, is that companies take measures and document them. There is a need for action here.
Revised HKIAC Arbitration Rules
Since 1 November 2018, the new version of the Arbitration Rules of the Hong Kong Centre of International Arbitration ("Administered Arbitration Rules") has been in force, which contains some important innovations.
Experience the Future of Industrial Work at Future of Work in Industry
Exclusively for VDMA members and interested parties. Collect impulses and network at the highest level at the "Future of Work" conference on 3 April 2019 in Hanover. Here industry 4.0 meets HR, expert know-how meets digital innovation - the future meets the present!
VDMA welcomes NRW initiative to revise Working Hours Act
With regard to the possibilities, but also the challenges of digitisation, the VDMA continues to call for the urgently overdue reform of the Working Hours Act.
Be part of it - on May 9 2019 at VDMA Conference Transformation 4.0 - On the way to an innovative corporate culture
An innovative corporate culture is an essential prerequisite for surviving in a volatile and complex environment in the long term. At the VDMA conference "Transformation 4.0" we want to give impulses from operational practice as well as from consulting and science.
EU labour authority: Trilog cleaning achieved
Since December 2018, the EU institutions have been negotiating a proposal for a regulation establishing an EU Labour Authority (ELA). A preliminary agreement was reached on 14.02.2019.
Recast of the Detection Directive: Probably no EU-wide definition of the term "employee" planned
The EU Parliament, the EU Council and the EU Commission have reached a preliminary agreement on the Directive on transparent and reliable working conditions within the framework of the so-called trialogue on 7 February 2019. The planned Directive represents a recast of the previous Detection Directive 91/533/EEC.
Immigration of skilled workers law: restrictions on temporary work must be lifted
Temporary work can play a key role in the recruitment and deployment of experts from other EU countries. In many cases, small and medium-sized companies in particular can hardly do without external support in the recruitment processes.
Corporate Learning Camp rated as top event
The Corporate Learning Community (CLC) is a non-commercial network of actors in operational personnel development. The activities of the community are aimed at innovative learning. Already in 2018 the VDMA took over the patronage for a so-called Learning Camp.
VDMA Checklists "How can companies prepare for a hard Brexit?"
As current developments show, there is still no agreement between the UK and the EU on the Brexit issue: the scenario of an unregulated Brexit on 29 March 2019, i.e. in little more than a month, is becoming more and more probable.

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Annual Reports of Legal Serv ices
The current annual report 2018 of Legal Services has been published. Exclusively for our member companies it is available for download here.
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