"It's easier to post workers to the US than to France"
Bureaucratic hurdles for the posting of workers are a burden for the mechanical engineering industry. In Brussels, the VDMA discussed possible easements in the posting of employees with representatives from politics and industry.
Mechanical engineering shows EU-Parliamentarian Dennis Radtke practical effects of the Posting of Workers Directive
The very far-reaching requirements for the posting of workers to other EU countries make it increasingly difficult for German mechanical engineering companies to do business within the EU Single Market.
E-Privacy Regulation: VDMA calls for a more nuanced view of M2M data traffic
The Regulation “concerning the respect for private life and the protection of personal data in electronic communications”, also known as the E-Privacy Regulation, is currently being discussed at European level.
European sales law must be restricted to consumer agreements
The EU is working on a uniform European sales law, but the mechanical engineering industry will probably remain largely unaffected.
General Terms and Conditions for Business
An updated edition of "focus on LAW - General Terms and Conditions for Business – Introduction and Overview” is now available.
Liability of the Principal pursuant to the German Minimum Wage Act (MiLoG)
VDMA is offering its members an overview on the legal situation, available in English and German.
International business necessitates reform of German law on general terms and conditions
Companies, lawyers and researchers all agree: the German law on general terms and conditions needs to be updated for B2B transactions.