Work on call: New legal regulations
With the introduction of the so-called bridge part-time work on 1 January 2019, work on call in accordance with § 12 TzBfG was also newly regulated.
Periods of notice: adaptation of the rules
The provisions of § 622 (2) sentence 2 BGB and § 29 (4) German Homework Act were repealed as of 1 January 2019.
Distance-of-age clause may be permissible in survivors' pension schemes
If a pension provision provides that the survivor's pension of a younger surviving spouse is reduced by 5 % for each full year of the age difference between the spouses exceeding ten years, this does not constitute discrimination on grounds of age contrary to the General Equal Treatment Act (Allgemeines Gleichbehandlungsgesetz - AGG). This was decided by the Federal Labour Court in its judgment of 11.12.2018 (Ref. 3 AZR 400/17).
Postponement of the completion time when the regulatory age limit is reached
The provision in § 41 sentence 3 SGB VI, which enables the parties to the employment contract to postpone the date of termination by agreement during the employment relationship in the event of the agreed termination of the employment relationship upon reaching the standard retirement age, is effective.
Immigration of skilled workers law: Parliamentary procedure continues
The law on the immigration of skilled workers and the law on acquiescence while in education and employment were passed on 19 December 2018. VDMA will participate in the consultations.
In 2019 the VDMA takes over the patronage for the CLC again
The CLC is a non-commercial network of actors in personnel development and focuses on innovative learning. Their activities fits very well into the initiatives of the VDMA.
"It's easier to post workers to the US than to France"
Bureaucratic hurdles for the posting of workers are a burden for the mechanical engineering industry. In Brussels, the VDMA discussed possible easements in the posting of employees with representatives from politics and industry.
focus Recht Brochure on the DSGVO (FAQ)
The regulations of the Basic Data Protection Regulation (DSGVO) to be observed since 25.05.2018 have caused the members of the VDMA some effort in the implementation of the requirements.
Finally, a modern working time law
In view of the challenges posed by digitisation, the VDMA calls for the urgently overdue reform of the Working Hours Act.
Mechanical engineering shows EU-Parliamentarian Dennis Radtke practical effects of the Posting of Workers Directive
The very far-reaching requirements for the posting of workers to other EU countries make it increasingly difficult for German mechanical engineering companies to do business within the EU Single Market.

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