In its ruling of 18 June 2019 (Case No. X ZR 86/17), the Federal Supreme Court contained the risk of an exclusion of an offer due to the inclusion of its own General Terms and Conditions (AGB).
The revised sections 2 and 3 of the VOB/A 2019, i.e. the VOB/A-EU and the VOB/A-VS of the Construction Contract Procedures (VOB) have now entered into force.
Sections 1 to 3 of the Public Procurement and Contract Regulations for Construction Services Part A (VOB/A) drawn up by the German Public Procurement and Contract Committee for Construction Services (DVA) were published in the Federal Gazette on 19.02.2019 (BAnz AT 19.02.2019 B2). However, they are not yet applicable by the contracting authorities.
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RA Dr. Christian Hess
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